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I was at CVS and I picked up the Teen People magazine, because I was bored. There was a section article thing: Hottest guys of the summer or something. Billie Joe was on there, and of course Tre and Mike were not. :scowl: Anyway, what pissed me off is that there were questions for all these "hot guys of summer" and the Billie one asked which of the following was stolen from "Billie Joe's band". The answers were something unimportant, their extensive video game collection, and master copies of the AI album. It was, of course, the copies, because of the creepy rabid fans I suppose. I just can't see them having an "extensive video game collection". :\ Anyway, my point is that they called Green Day "Billie Joe's band". It would not be Green Day were it not for Tre and Mike, and it certainly would not be Green Day if they weren't such close friends. If one or both of them left, Green Day would be shit. I considered writing them to correct it, but I get the feeling they either wouldn't put it in or acknowledge it at all, or if they did I would be ridiculed for... I don't know, not being a "true fan" of GD. :snicker: I feel a bit sorry for them, actually. Anyway, I figured I should post it since it's something to be irritated at the teenybopper fans for.

I've a question- what happened when "Dookie" made it big? I was four at the time, so I wouldn't know. Was the whole nation fawning over just Billie as well, or not at all, or what?
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