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guys, this is embarrassing.. im the only one bitching here!... hehe..


ok my little spaz attack is


i was watching Macys Day Parade and at the end it says Mark Kohr was the director...then i was like..

wait a min...

so i looked inside my International Superhits DVD and i saw that  have worked with Mark Kohr quite alot.. he directed:

Longview, Basket Case, When I Come Around, Geek Stink Breath, Hitchin A Ride, Good Riddance, and Redundant.

they worked 2 or 3 others but its obvious Mark Kohr was most of them..

then they didnt use him anymore.. starting from the Warning cd..

THEN for AI theyve only used Sam Bayer <<< that how you spell his name? .. anyway


i realized they developed a relationship with Kohr and stuck with him through many years... then after they broke up, got back together and did Warning everything was different.. and with AI they developed a WORSE friendship witht his scumbag asshole... ( i really hate that conceited bastard)

the dropped the good guy for the bad guy.. get it.. im really sorry .. im horrible at explaining my opinions.. im not much of a talker so my skills are rusty..

bottom line:

Warning was literally nothing other than a warning itself.. a sign of things to come. IM NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT HIM..just know that but

that was also when Jason was starting to perform with them more often .. ( i know he's performed with them before that)

so Jason didnt just pop up out of no where.. he was there , lerking in the shadows for awhile..

i also got this bitchy vibe from billie too... did anyone see The Bridge School performance..and "Waiting" on Letterman.. when that album came out he seemed so "over it" and bored with himself..

i guess thats why he went all PSYCHO and decided to write about an imaginary person..

(well actually BILLIE JOE is St. Jimmy..anyone notice that?.. he wrote about a "lost kid trying to find the true meaning or rebellion".. my ass, its about him going through drugs , meeting Adrienne (Whatsername) .. in Storytellers he said Whatsername is supposed to be " the rock" a "girl who always stuck to her beliefs"  )

and shit.. in Homecoming he says about being at East 12th Street.. thats the place Billie had to go and do work when he got arrested for drunk driving..


American Idiot just exploited  and tainted everything.. even the fucking quiet background 2nd Guitarist.


*deep breath* ok done...

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