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Age: 16
Location: SI, new york
Other bands you like besides Green Day: im too lazy to list them all.. heres some: pantera, (old)metallica, ozzy, nine inch nails, marilyn manson, slayer, killswitch engage, nirvana, system of a down, anthrax, cky..etc

Favourite Green Day Album: this has been a question i have been trying to answer for a VERY long time.. i swear i cant choose.. but its either Insomniac or 39/smooth.

Where'd you hear about us?:

</a></strong></a>miss_inform  told me about this wonderful place.

Some reasons why American Idiot didn't tickle your pickle:

when i started to realize how corrupt and greedy they became i really jus wanted to die.. i mean.. go ahead and make fun.. but i really believed in them and their message...i found out how they changed just to make even more money than they have enough to support his kids, his kid's kids and maybe 70 or 80 friends..

i felt betrayed and left behind .. i understand they had to grow up, but the change in the music? it just sucks.. they are overrated and completely exploited individuals.. and about Jason White.. wow.. im fukin lost for words.. that dissappointed me soo bad when they added him to the GDA site..i understand during the Warning years jason played with them.. he has also been a friend of theirs since Dookie (he's in When I Come Around.. im sure you figured that out already) nowhere near finished..

he was jus an extra guitar player.. but now , people are friggin making communities for him, and people are actually joining!.. i just feel no one sees what i see.. washed up guys who prolonged their stay 7, 8 years too many...they should've known when to call it quits ..but now they ruined it..


i mean.. its good for them financially, but that was never the problem anyway.. they jus wanted more popularity..well they got a shitload..

since AI is the last album.(they'd be stupid to do more..they cant beat this success) im sure they'll eventually quit..

c'mon people they are at the end of their rope.. theyre done.. careers dont last forever and theirs is slowly fading away..

it jus bothers me sometimes when i listen to dookie and kerplunk... it makes me so sad i cant even listen to the whole thing cause i knew those were more humble and better days..

and i think billie looks sexy as hell with the eyeliner.. but wtf? why? wanna tell me why? he's never dont it before in his ENTIRE career..

the long hair bothers me too, but he did do that in the 39/smooth years.

he doesnt wear his earrings anymore..

i know he's been dyin his hair since forever but THEN he didnt have to it was jus fun..NOW its to cover up the grays..

SPEAKING OF GRAYS.. why do ya think he doesnt take his pants off at shows anymore?... exactly.

so they you have it.. i have more to say but i dont feel like crying today.. ive done it too much this week..


and since now you got me thinking.. im sure i will eventually cry again..



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